Our Crew

The strategy that Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys will use to get this work done for our sons requires a deep commitment to the mission of boys and an exact skill set. Some schools struggle and fail because of a lack of attention to the details of how good schools operates. Good school functioning requires love, dedication, management and oversight. The Leadership Team is designed to meet those needs and to build Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys in the way that ensure its success.


Shawn Hardnett, Founder & CEO
Email: shawnhardnett@statesmenboys.org


Rictor Craig, Founding Director of Instruction
Email: rictorcraig@statesmenboys.org


Sharonda Mann, Director of Operations
Email: sharondamann@statesmenboys.org


Lamar Bethea, Founding Kings 101 Instructor
Email: lamarbethea@statesmenboys.org


Avril Atwell, Math Instructor
Email: avrilatwell@statesmenboys.org


Patrick Bentley, Math Instructor
Email: patrickbentley@statesmenboys.org


Amanda Bloom, Dean of Instruction
Email: amandabloom@statesmenboys.org


Tanaisha Brown, Instructional Aide
Email: tanaishabrown@statesmenboys.org


Jefferson BuggBey, Math Instructor
Email: jeffersonbuggbey@statesmenboys.org


Jessica Butts, Student Support Specialist
Email: jessicabutts@statesmenboys.org


Michael Carswell, ELA Instructor
Email: michaelcarswell@statesmenboys.org


Javan Carter, Reading Specialist
Email: javancarter@statesmenboys.org


Trevon Cook, Associate Instructor
Email: trevoncook@statesmenboys.org


Miosha Dangerfield, Instructional Aide
Email: mioshadangerfield@statesmenboys.org


Lamar Davis, Social Worker
Email: lamardavis@statesmenboys.org


John Edwards, Instructional Aide
Email: johnedwards@statesmenboys.org


Lenora Felder, Math Specialist
Email: lenorafelder@statesmenboys.org


Tonya Garner, Dedicated Aide
Email: tonyagarner@statesmenboys.org


Jasmine Grant, Instructional Aide
Email: jasminegrant@statesmenboys.org


DaeQuan Hargraves, Behavior Tech
Email: daequanhargraves@statesmenboys.org


Malkolm Harris, Instructional Aide
Email: malkolmharris@statesmenboys.org


Curtis Jackson, Behavior Tech
Email: curtisjackson@statesmenboys.org


Randolph Jackson, Dedicated Aide
Email: randolphjackson@statesmenboys.org


Rahdi Jefferson, STEM Instructor
Email: rahdijefferson@statesmenboys.org


ChaTia Johnson, Student Support Specialist
Email: chatiajohnson@statesmenboys.org


Darius Jones, Instructional Aide
Email: dariusjones@statesmenboys.org


Victor Kakulu, Kings 101 Instructor
Email: victorkakulu@statesmenboys.org


Janeen King, Instructional Aide
Email: janeenking@statesmenboys.org


Andrew Lanier, Student Support Specialist
Email: andrewlanier@statesmenboys.org


Donovan Lucas, Behavior Tech
Email: donovanlucas@statesmenboys.org


Nicole Mayes, Director of Student Support
Email: nicolemayes@statesmenboys.org


Carrie Mills, Operations Associate
Email: carriemills@statesmenboys.org


Jessica Miser, Family Engagement Coordinator
Email: jessicamiser@statesmenboys.org


Kalyn Murphy, Instructional Aide
Email: kalynmurphy@statesmenboys.org


Sharnelle Peeler, Dedicated Aide
Email: sharnellepeeler@statesmenboys.org


Patrick Pettis, STEM Instructor
Email: patrickpettis@statesmenboys.org


Ashlei Porter , Special Education Coordinator
Email: ashleiporter@statesmenboys.org


Dionte Pratt, Dedicated Aide
Email: diontepratt@statesmenboys.org


Trey Pugh, Instructional Aide
Email: treypugh@statesmenboys.org


Patrick Shaw, Student Support Specialist
Email: patrickshaw@statesmenboys.org


Romance Simpson, ELA Instructor
Email: romancesimpson@statesmenboys.org


Zyshonne Small, Kings 101 Instructor
Email: zyshonnesmall@statesmenboys.org


Melvin Smith, Behavior Tech
Email: melvinsmith@statesmenboys.org


Jai Stevens, Dedicated Aide
Email: jaistevens@statesmenboys.org


Kaeden Stewart, Student Support Specialist
Email: kaedenstewart@statesmenboys.org


Tony Traynham, Instructional Aide
Email: tonytraynham@statesmenboys.org


Whitney Weston, HR Manager / Executive Assistant
Email: whitneyweston@statesmenboys.org


Kiajuana White, STEM Instructor
Email: kiajuanawhite@statesmenboys.org


Charles Williams, ELA Instructor
Email: charleswilliams@statesmenboys.org