Our Crew

The strategy that Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys will use to get this work done for our sons requires a deep commitment to the mission of boys and an exact skill set. Some schools struggle and fail because of a lack of attention to the details of how good schools operates. Good school functioning requires love, dedication, management and oversight. The Leadership Team is designed to meet those needs and to build Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys in the way that ensure its success.



Administration and Operations

Name Role Contact
Hardnett, Shawn CEO shawnhardnett@statesmenboys.org
Craig, Rictor Director of Instruction/Principal rictorcraig@statesmenboys.org
Bloom, Amanda Director of Operations amandabloom@statesmenboys.org
Burgess, Kenya Human Resources/Executive Assistant kenyaburgess@statesmenboys.org
Bethea, Lamar Associate Director of Development lamarbethea@statesmenboys.org
Jackson, Randolph Operations Associate randolphjackson@statesmenboys.org
Miser, Jessica Family Engagement Coordinator/Operation Manager jessicamiser@statesmenboys.org
Carter, Javan Lower School Dean javancarter@statesmenboys.org
Felder, Lenora Upper School Dean lenorafelder@statesmenboys.org
Porter, Ashlei Special Education Coordinator ashleiporter@statesmenboys.org
Smith, Melvin Behavior Support Coordinator melvinsmith@statesmenboys.org

Lower School

Name Role Contact
Antwi, Emmanuel ELA Lead- 4th emmanuelantwi@statesmenboys.org
Harps, Pierre ELA Student Support Specialist- 4th pierreharps@statesmenboys.org
Davis, Imani Math Lead- 4th imanidavis@statesmenboys.org
Herbert, Kenede Math Student Support Specialist- 4th kenedeherbert@statesmenboys.org
Rowe, Christian STEM Lead- 4th/5th christianrowe@statesmenboys.org
Harris, William STEM Instructional Aide- 4th/5th williamharris@statesmenboys.org
Small, Zyshonne Kings Lead- 4th/5th zyshonnesmall@statesmenboys.org
Cunningham, Cassie Kings Instructional Aide- 4th/5th cassiecunningham@statesmenboys.org
Stocks, Teron Dedicated Aide- 4th teronstocks@statesmenboys.org
Stevens, Jai Dedicated Aide- 4th jaistevens@statesmenboys.org
Clark, Amen Behavior Tech- 4th amenclark@statesmenboys.org
Garner, Tonya Dedicated Aide- 4th tonyagarner@statesmenboys.org
Gordon, Kaila Behavior Tech- 4th kailagordon@statesmenboys.org
Dale, Tyrell ELA Lead- 5th tyrelldale@statesmenboys.org
Baptiste, Edwin ELA Student Support Specialist- 5th edwinbaptiste@statesmenboys.org
BuggBey, Jefferson Math Lead- 5th jeffersonbuggbey@statesmenboys.org
Pugh, Trey Math Student Support Specialist- 5th treypugh@statesmenboys.org
Seyoum, Christopher Dedicated Aide- 5th christopherseyoum@statesmenboys.org
Jackson, Curtis Behavior Tech- 5th curtisjackson@statesmenboys.org

Upper School

Name Role Contact
Williams, Charles ELA Lead- 6th charleswilliams@statesmenboys.org
Johnson, ChaTia ELA Student Support Specialist- 6th chatiajohnson@statesmenboys.org
Bentley, Patrick Math Lead- 6th patrickbentley@statesmenboys.org
Nicoleau, Alexander Math Student Support Specialist- 6th alexandernicoleau@statesmenboys.org
Jefferson, Rahdi Kings Lead- 6th rahdijefferson@statesmenboys.org
Lucas, Donovan Kings Instructional Assistant- 6th donovanlucas@statesmenboys.org
Holmes, Niko Dedicated Aide- 6th nikoholmes@statesmenboys.org
Simpson, Romance ELA Lead-7th romancesimpson@statesmenboys.org
Jones, Darius ELA and Math Instructional Assistant- 7th dariusjones@statesmenboys.org
Shammet, Iman STEM Lead- 7th imanshammet@statesmenboys.org
Harvey, Brittany Kings Lead-7th brittanyharvey@statesmenboys.org
Jackson, Mariah STEM/Kings Instructional Aide-7th mariahjackson@statesmenboys.org
Pratt, Dionte Dedicated Aide- 7th diontepratt@statesmenboys.org
Carswell, Michael ELA Lead- 8th michaelcarswell@statesmenboys.org
Glivens, Halima ELA Instructional Aide- 8th halimaglivens@statesmenboys.org
Vaughn, Hannah Math Lead- 8th hannahvaughn@statesmenboys.org
Traynham, Tony Math Instructional Assistant- 8th tonytraynham@statesmenboys.org
White, Kiajuana STEM Lead- 8th kiajuanawhite@statesmenboys.org
DeJohnette, Sharrieff Kings Lead- 8th sharrieffdejohnette@statesmenboys.org
Murphy, Kalyn Kings and STEM Instructional Aide- 8th kalynmurphy@statesmenboys.org
Stewart, Kaeden Math Student Support Specialist-7th/8th kaedenstewart@statesmenboys.org

Mental Health

Name Role Contact
Adeyola, Fadil Paving the Way failadeyola@statesmenboys.org
Harrison, Aubrey WISE aubrey@medstarwise.org
Jessman, Anna WISE anna@medstarwise.org
Roberts, Gregory SoundMinds groberts@soundmindassociates.com