Our Philosophy

comprehensive boy-focused approach

A Program for the Head, the Heart, and the Hands

We talked to your sons - over 500 of them. They had lots to say about what they experience in schools every day. What would happen to these young men if a school was designed with the them in mind; where the school day was structured for them, where the curriculum was chosen for them, and most importantly, where that instruction was planned and delivered with them in mind?

Boys sometimes feel the need to join gangs because they do not feel deeply known and unconditionally accepted. In a gang, good or bad, they find safety, role models, status and respect. Additionally, the gang can provide a mission that they work collectively to achieve within a group that will support them in getting it done.  Why not do that at school where their gifts and talents can be directed towards a worthy cause. 

That is what makes Statesman unique. The program outlined above is designed to do just that. It is a pedagogy-focused relationship-centered school environment designed to give these young men what they need to excel - A Tight Knit Crew and A Worthy Cause - a cause beyond that which can be superficially found elsewhere.