Letter from the CEO

Dear Friends and Family, 

As you know, Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys Public Charter School is not just a place to work. It is a place for passionate, committed, resilient, focused, self-aware, mature, mission-aligned people who embody personal and professional efficacy and demonstrate an unyielding commitment to impenetrable relationships and what those relationships can produce.   

Statesmen is my home, my family! A place to carry out my personal mission. I get challenged every day and I continuously grow. That said, I get to rest my head each night knowing that what I did today - mattered.

You have given me the most precious thing that you possess on this planet - your son; to shepherd, to teach, to grow. In doing so, you entered the Statesmen village. The village that it takes to raise a boy into a man. Know that I take your trust in me seriously.  

Please know that the road that we travel together will be long, filled with wonderful adventures as well as trials and tribulations. If you believe what we believe about your son, then you won’t have to worry. We will certainly get there.  

It is my honor and pleasure to serve you. 

Shawn Hardnett

Shawn Hardnett

CEO, Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys Public Charter School