In 2018, I took my oldest son from the only school he had ever attended and we began our journey with our Statesmen Academy Family. My younger son joined us in 2019. From the time we were greeted at Statesmen for enrollment to the current day, Statesmen "Staff/Family" has shown, instilled and earned our love, trust and accountability. Academically, my boys struggled in their former school tremendously, but with the love and support from Statesmen one has become an Honor Student. The teachers make learning not just a routine but an experience that the boys want to have everyday, even during virtual learning. The relationships built have taught my sons that they are their brothers' keeper and success is collective. 

I am forever grateful to our Statesmen family for the impact that they have on my family. I would recommend 'Building Strong Boys' with Statesmen academy to anyone that's ready to take that journey.
Best Regards,
Kaila Snowden



Tell the entire staff at Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys that I see them. I see them. I see them. They are doing everything possible to educate & nurture these young men to be able to rise to the occasion of being assets to a society that refuses to see them. Being seen as invisible young men will not extinguish the bright flame burning in the chests of these Statesmen Scholars because they have been given the right set of tools intellectually, spiritually, & mentally to overcome challenges.

These are the ones our ancestors have been waiting for. Our ancestors didn’t suffer & die in vain.

Dr. King, Malcolm X, Nat Turner, Patrice Lumumba, Walter Rodney, David Cotton. Yes, we will always remember our brother David!
I salute the staff @ Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys!

I see You. I see You. I see You.
-Aunt of A. Hogan