School Traditions

We talked to 450 boys across the nation from 3rd Grade all the way up to Graduating Seniors and asked them what they needed to happen at school each day in order to make it a place where they felt alive. They had plenty to say. They were loud and clear when they told us that high expectations were part of an overall formula for their success. To be sure, they went on to define exactly what they meant by high expectations so that we didn’t get it wrong.

For them, a high expectation is an outcome, something that is realized only after a high standard is accomplished within an environment of high structure, high support and high celebration. These young men wanted to be challenged, pushed to their limits – physically, mentally and emotionally – and they wanted to be celebrated for their success when they achieved. At Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys, we use rituals and traditions as a way to enshrine high celebration into the culture of the school. 

There are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual rituals, traditions and celebrations that mark the progression of the young men as they traverse the rite-of-passage that is Statesmen Academy.