Alicia Adams


Statesmen value that best represents me

Rigor best represents what I strive for through my work in education. It is critically important that our boys are given high expectations, held to a high standard of performance, and provided every resource and opportunity that allows them to reach their full potential.

Why I serve

I understand the importance of inspiring and facilitating excellence in young black and brown boys. I believe that the mission and vision of Statesmen is designed with that goal in mind. I know that the work being done at Statesmen has the power to positively shift the community and the world for generations to come. 

Years on the Board

4 years

2021-22 Committees

Chair, Academic & Program Excellence

CEO Support & Evaluation

Day Job/Profession

Educational Consultant


Washington, D.C.

Fun Fact

I enjoy a very busy life with four daughters and love all things Beyoncé!