Bernie Woolfley


Statesmen value that best represents you

Rigor and Resilience -- To me, those two are very connected. In my work (and home) life, I’ve found that the search for excellence is really a process – to be excellent at anything, we have to try our best each time and, when we do fail, we have to learn from those mistakes and try again. Only by showing the resilience to never quit when we fail, do we really ever come close to achieving the excellence that we strive for.  

Why I serve   

I serve to contribute and leverage my financial skills to help. 

Years on the Board


2021-22 Committees  



Facilities & Real Estate Task Force

Day Job/Profession

Forensic Accountant / Financial Investigator


Herndon, Virginia

Fun Fact   

Despite the fact that I’m not really that good at athletics, I’ve been coaching youth sports for a number of years, ranging from coaching within my local Special Olympics organization to my own sons’ sports teams.