Bisi Oyedele

Oyedele.Bisi-400Statesmen value that best represents me 

Resilience -- as a first-generation immigrant, an English Language Learner, and product of an impoverished neighborhood, my life and work in education is a testament to the resilience of my parents and educators and their ability to instill that value in me. There are several ways that people have been disadvantaged, but understanding your self-worth, developing the internal fortitude to retain and possess your belief, even in the face of counter narratives is the way to transcend those disadvantages. I believe ultimately, that my resilience and knowledge of my own self-worth has helped me navigate the racism, low expectations, and bias that I have confronted throughout my personal and professional life. 

Why I serve

I serve because there is no bigger privilege than to contribute to the emotional and academic development of young people. The fact that Statesmen is specifically intending to address disparities in the education of black and brown boys makes this opportunity one that I could not pass up. 

 Years on the Board 

4 years

2021-22 Committees

Academic & Program Excellence

Institutional Advancement

Day Job/Profession

Partner, Schools and Talent, Education Forward DC


Came from Nigeria at 3 and grew up in Boston, MA

Fun Fact

I am a grilled and smoked food enthusiast who has a hard time passing up good barbeque.