James Cadogan

James.CadoganStatesmen value that best represents me
Rigor - Wherever I've seen young boys of color succeed in their journeys to educational, professional, and life success, a crucial element has been their discovering and honing the ability to improve continuously and set their own bar for excellence. 

Why I serve
I believe in the unlimited promise and potential of young boys of color; I will always feel called to support organizations that seek to nurture their talents and build the future of our community.

Years on the Board
4 years

2021-22 Committees
Institutional Advancement

Day Job/Profession
Executive Director, National Basketball Social Justice Coalition

Washington, D.C.

Fun Fact
I was born to Caribbean parents in England before we immigrated to the U.S. to join our extended family (when I was 14). Family reunions are a great blend of accents, cultures, and foods!