Juan Pagan

Juan.PaganStatesmen value that best represents me

Rigor – Every young man that comes through Statesmen’s doors deserves to be challenged academically and personally for him to grow. Providing rigorous content is a powerful way to show that a school cares about the growth of a child. 

Why I serve

I have seen the transformative power a single-gender classroom can have on the lives of young men of color. I genuinely believe in Statesmen’s mission and the leadership team’s ability to achieve this mission. 

Years on the Board

2 year

2021-22 Committees


Facilities & Real Estate Task Force

Day Job/Profession

Education Professional with a focus on school finance and strategy. After six years in education and finance consulting, I am completing my MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


Indianapolis, Indiana

Fun Fact

As a child, I was a huge Michael Jackson fan and would perform mini MJ concerts for my teachers and classmates after school.