Kenny Pegram

Kenny PegramStatesmen Value that Best Represents Me
Resilience. The world is always changing--never stagnant--and you have to be adaptable with the next progression of what it brings-- the good, bad or indifferent. 

Why I Serve
As a graduate of the all-male Gonzaga Preparatory High School, I know the value first-hand that all-male learning communities such as Statesmen provides to students and how much the Statesmen experience will benefit each student from years to come. I wanted to be in an active role in my son's school and contribute to the positive development of young men in Washington, DC's Southeast quadrant.

Years on Board
Less than one year 

2020-21 Committees
Middle School Implementation Team and Racial Equity Task Force 

Day Job/Profession
eDiscovery Project Manager

Washington, DC

Fun Fact  
I love outdoor activities. I played college football for University of Pittsburgh and continue to help train friends and family student athletes.  Also, I love real estate and slowly investing in more residential real estate opportunities.