Kenny Pegram

Kenny PegramStatesmen Value that Best Represents Me
Resilience. The world is always changing--never stagnant--and you have to be adaptable with the next progression of what it brings-- the good, bad or indifferent. 

Why I Serve
As a graduate of the all-male Gonzaga Preparatory High School, I know the value first-hand that all-male learning communities such as Statesmen provides to students and how much the Statesmen experience will benefit each student from years to come. I wanted to be in an active role in my son's school and contribute to the positive development of young men in Washington, DC's Southeast quadrant.

Years on Board

2021-22 Committees
Academic & Program Excellence

Facilities & Real Estate Task Force

Day Job/Profession
eDiscovery Project Manager

Washington, DC

Fun Fact  
I love outdoor activities. I played college football for University of Pittsburgh and continue to help train friends and family student athletes.  Also, I love real estate and slowly investing in more residential real estate opportunities.