Ray McKenzie


Statesmen value that best represents me

Relationships really resonates with me. I believe that just about everything we do in life revolves around and draws upon our relationships. Whether you work in the classroom, the corporate world, courtrooms, or religious institutions, the relationships you have built with others (or lost or missed) informs how and why you do what you do. The sooner our boys learn this lesson (through their own families and the awesome Statesmen staff and leadership), the better.

Why I serve

My life has tended to revolve around service. I have been in some type of ministry or service capacity since I was young. I grew up in the home of a pastor of a small country church. My family commuted two or three times a week from Richmond, Virginia, 70 miles to Buckingham County for services and other programs. My careers (years as a public school educator followed by years as a lawyer) have similarly been all about providing service to those who need help.

Years on the Board

3 years

2021-22 Committees

CEO Support & Evaluation


Facilities & Real Estate Task Force

Day Job/Profession

Co-Founder of a boutique investigation and litigation law firm, WTAII PLLC


Richmond, Virginia (though I was born in Durham, North Carolina)

Fun Fact

My dad and I graduated from the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University on the same day (I had earned my Master of Divinity; he had earned his Doctor of Ministry).